What is gbl trafficking?

what is gbl trafficking

What is gbl trafficking



GBL (gamma-butyrolactone) is an industrial compound that is illegally used as a replacement and chemical precursor to GHB. GBL

and 1,4-butadiene (BD) are structurally similar to GHB, and evidence suggests that they are transformed to GHB following oral ingestion.

GHB is a depressant on schedule I. GHB misuse grew popular among teenagers and young adults in dance clubs and “raves” in the 1990s, and it became known as a date rape drug.

what is gbl trafficking
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What is gbl trafficking?

Gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) is also known as “coma in a bottle.” Although it was originally created to treat pain, it is currently illegally and recreationally taken to induce a high. Furthermore, it induces violent spasms and is moderately dangerous due to the ease with which GBL can be overdosed.

In Florida, gamma-butyrolactone trafficking is illegal. Will Hanlon, a trafficking attorney at Hanlon Law in Tampa, understands the gravity of trafficking allegations and charges, and he works hard to provide his clients with a strong defense.

The sooner a drug trafficking attorney gets involved in your case, the better your chances of saving your future.

GBL trafficking

The media typically portrays drug trafficking as the work of armed drug traffickers and career criminals.

However, in Florida, you do not need to have a large distribution network to be charged with drug trafficking.

When the weight of the narcotic in question exceeds a specified limit, charges of drug trafficking are launched.

Each medicine is subject to a set of regulatory constraints, and exceeding those limits might result in legal consequences.

When a person is found guilty of trafficking Gamma-butyrolactone, the state of Florida requires judges to impose mandatory minimum penalties of incarceration and fines.

In contrast to certain other drug-related offenses, the judge cannot lessen the mandatory minimum sentence based on mitigating circumstances unique to your case.

In addition to the statutory minimum sentence, the government may seize a residence, a car, or money that investigators believe is involved to the trafficking.

Under Florida Statute § 893.135(1)(i), you can be found guilty of GBL trafficking if you actually or constructively possess, buy, sell, make, deliver, or import into Florida 1 kg or more of GBL or any mixture containing it.

Because this is a first-degree felony, you should consult with a GBL trafficking lawyer in the Tampa area to protect your rights.

Hire a GBL Trafficking Lawyer in Tampa or the Surrounding Areas

In the state of Florida, trafficking in gamma-butyrolactone is a serious crime. If you are represented by a professional drug crime attorney, the outcome of your case may change.

Will Hanlon, the guy who created our firm, is passionate about defending the rights of the accused. He has been defending criminal defendants since 1994 and is well-versed in all viable defenses.

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